Sunday, May 1, 2011

Amazon Best-Seller

This message comes to you with great excitement and sheer joy...

I am happy to announce that my book Days Go By, Not Love (Book 1) has been listed on Amazon's Best-Sellers List in two different categories for the past two weeks.

If you have not yet had a chance to pick up your copy of Days Go By, Not Love I encourage you to do so…This book reaches out to anyone who needs to heal and to move forward with a life of love and peace. This book helps to bring eternal happiness from within and not just externally in our lives…

I have also provided a few of my radio interviews, articles and social media links in case you’d like to learn more about me, my writings or my book. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook to receive my daily inspirational quotes and messages.


Be The Light Now ~ with Host Michael Carbone

The Best People We Know ~ with Host Deb Scott

World of Unexplained Mysteries-Radio Series ~ with Host Dr. Peter J. Shields

AM 970 WSTX ~ with Senator Holland Redfield of the Virgin Islands [October 19, 2010]

KAFM 88.1 ~ Community Radio & Beyond [August 4, 2010]


Watering The Seed of A Relationship ~ By Therese Benedict

OM Times Magazine ~ Book Review (Pg. 126)

To Be Who We Are Meant To Be ~ By Therese Benedict

From The Inside Out Magazine ~ By Lynne Bozeman

To Love Is To Be Loved ~ By Therese Benedict

The Magic of Being ~ By Colin Whitby

Your First Steps To Changing ~ By Therese Benedict


Author & Clairvoyant Release Life Changing Book


Days Go By Not Love – Book Promo

Days Go By, Not Love – Publisher’s Site




Days Go By, Not Love

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