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Days Go By, Not Love: Chapter Excerpt

On Tuesday June 14, 2011 Best-Selling Author & Clairvoyant Therese Benedict's book Days Go By, Not Love became a #1 Best-Seller in multiple categories on Amazon. As a special thank you to everyone Therese is providing a chapter excerpt from her #1 Best-Selling Book Days Go By, Not Love.  Be sure to go to to see how you can claim your FREE Bonus Gifts.

Your journey is your life,
so trust in your steps.

An Excerpt from: Days Go By, Not Love
By #1 Best-Selling Author & Clairvoyant
Therese Benedict

Journeys are an experience of love, chance,
forgiveness, change and the strength to push through the anger, frustration and self doubt. Journeys are life’s lessons many times over. Take your journey with all your love and strength that is hidden within you so that you can feel the doors open for more love. Take this time for you, whether you are alone or not. Take this journey to open your closed doors. Take this journey knowing you are changing your life. Trust, believe and know it will be hard, however have faith in yourself that you can get through those moments. Know that hard times will come to you, but not harm you. Know that love will conquer and not destroy.

Be all of you when walking this road of change, so that you can transform this doubt into self belief. Believe in yourself and believe in God. Let life be good to you, instead of being afraid of life. Learn to live. Learn not to be lost with the ones’ you love; learn to be lost without them. Learn to miss them when you are with them, and don’t wait until they are gone. Learn to reach out to them when they are in your life and don’t wait until you are wishing you had when they are not. Learn to give and not to take. Learn to trust and not to accuse with doubt. Learn to ask, instead of expect. Learn to speak truth, in place of lies. Learn to be who you are meant to be. Learn to believe in yourself and learn to let others believe in you too. Learn to listen and not just to be heard. Learn to accept, instead of turning your head. Learn to be happy with God all the time and not just when you need him. Learn to pray to him in place of getting mad at him, for he is only teaching you where your life is going.

Learn to laugh more, instead of cry more. Learn to wipe away others’ tears, and not cause them. It sounds so simple, but we aren’t realizing what we are causing, instead of what we should be empathizing. Let’s bring happiness and stop the harm. Let’s walk this journey with courage, to endure your life without excuses of why not too. Learn to talk about the feelings you feel inside and act on them. They are there for a reason. Meaning, that if you know it is wrong, don’t do it. Do what is right. Trust in yourself with love for you. Be good and you will receive good all around you.

Life is meant for reasons we may never know, but that is not a reason to make it harder for others for things we do not understand. Just because we don’t know the true reasons why we are here, does not mean we should destroy this gift given to us. This journey can help you enjoy what has been given to you. It will help you see that it is a gift of love, and learn what love is all about. Live with love in our soul, and feel the pain of love, so we may learn to treat love right.

Do you ever wonder if love is the reason why we are here? If you really think about it, isn’t that what life is all about? Everything connects to the end result of love. Love is the reason we are here and yet we play love like a game of ping pong; hitting our hearts back and fourth to no remorse. It’s a sad conclusion when our fear drowns the love we long to receive and give in return.

Take the help from your angels and learn to love fully and learn the pain of love. The pain helps us learn what love is about and who we truly are inside. It helps us learn what we need in someone and to see the good and bad in people. It helps us to see what we do not want to become and who we want to be. This is why we should not be afraid of the hurt when it comes to opening our hearts. We know we can learn something from the experience and/or find the treasures we have been seeking. Instead of tearing people down by throwing faults in their face, we should be making them feel special and let them know that they are meaningful in our lives. We need to stop walking around this life scared. Know the angels will not let harm come to you, especially when it is not your time to pass. Live your life with them, so you feel their protection. Do not live just knowing everyone has angels.

Talk to your angels with all your fears, worries, and even the good in your life. They love when we walk our journey of life hand-in-hand with them. So, take hold of them; you will be amazed what you see and learn by their messages. Seeing all their messages brings a comfort and serenity to your soul. You’ll see the energy, and know it is them and/or your loved ones, not just a chill in the air. You can feel them touch your shoulder, hold your hand, place a hand on your knee, or just standing by your side. It can be a little scary for some at first, but you will learn to embrace the touch. You can even see them, but again some of us, not all, just think to ourselves that we really didn’t see anything and it was just our imagination. I can tell you it is not.

Know when you hear them—it is your loved ones. You will not hear your angels; you will only get their response through their messages, and let me tell you, they like to talk. You will see your life in a completely different way. You will love the comfort that comes from them knowing they are with you. Learn to talk to them throughout your day. The more you talk to them, the more you see their messages. You will smile at what you see. You will sigh with relief. You will laugh many times over for the fact you are happy and receiving their messages. You will love it more and more each day. You will start looking forward to your days, instead of dreading them. You start to build a relationship with the angels and feel the relationship get stronger and stronger. The nice thing is that you learn that you have angels that you can trust. The beautiful moment is when you know that you can tell them everything and it won’t leak out and it will stay private. You start loving them and holding on to them; it’s no longer just the angels holding on to you.

You will learn to understand that they hear your prayers and that you can count on them. You know they won’t hurt you, and they will be there for you when issues arise. Walk this beautiful journey with them and change you from the inside out. It is so beautiful to have angels from heaven living your life with you. You will never feel alone through the hard times or pain ever again. You can talk to them in all situations knowing the angels will take care of you on your path of change.

It is a scary realization; however, you will learn that you just need to keep walking with them no matter how hard it gets. Then, watch the beautiful outcome. Give the angels your love and learn what pure love is supposed to be. You feel safe with them. You feel that you are loved in the right way. You feel that you have someone on your side in life. They help bring you the light and take away the darkness. They help you succeed on your journey throughout your whole life. So let’s take that journey of life, and learn where we are going, and not worry where we will end up.

Walk this journey with eyes wide open and not half shut. Learn to look all around your journey and not just look straight ahead. Don’t worry about what is at the end of the road because life is about the journey not the final destination. So, walk this life knowing there is not an ending to your journey because your journey does not come to an end. The only thing that comes to an end is the evil, not the journey. The journey keeps going and going....

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