Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Beauty of Angels

ThereseBenedict.comAngels are so amazing! In our everyday lives they love, protect, guide and help us. Have you ever thought to yourself … Do you pay attention to what they do for you every day, while you live your life on this earth? Do you ever ask your angels for strength and help, so you may change your life for the better?

You can ask your angels anything. Angels hear everything you say, think and feel. Whether it is right or wrong, cruel or kind and with intention or unintended, the angels love you with a love that is unimaginable. Angels hold your hands in everything you do. It does not mean that they agree with certain actions; however, they will help you learn from the harmful choices of life. Their unconditional love is such a gift; angels never give up or walk away from you because you make mistakes.

When people make wrong choices with the knowing that it is a harmful choice either to themselves or others, the angels do feel the pain of hurt. However, it is a different kind of hurt that you may not understand. It is the same pain or hurt you would feel, but it is numb at the same time. In other words, they feel the pain/hurt but they do not feel the physical pain. Now that might not make sense to you but it will make sense to some. No matter what mistakes people make, angels are there continuously for you so you may learn lesson of life. To help you make better choices and stop deliberate pain to others and to learn to love yourselves right and to be the person that we are meant to be. And even though you might not know who you are meant to be, the journey helps your eyes become clearer, so you may learn the beautiful person that lies within your soul. No one is left out of this gift, not one person. For we all have souls/spirits with purity of unconditional love, we just need to know how to live with the pureness that was given to us.

When you live to enjoy this life of unconditional, even through the most difficult moments; you live of a life of enchantment that you do not realize that exist. Living your life with the angels will bring you peace; a peace that you will appreciate and endure. You will be most grateful that you have made a choice in your life of giving the angels a chance to show you that they are there. When you get to know them, you will see them in many different ways to where you will have no doubts that they exists. So, if you have not given you this life of enchantment of love and peace, love yourself enough to stop a life of pain. Be willing to take not only the easy steps of your journey but to be willing to take the hard steps that change your life. Show you the strength that lies within you. If you do not show you what gifts you truly have, you will never know.

I wish to all of my readers and this world a great life of love and peace. And know that there are people on your side that you have not even met.

Love to All,
Therese Benedict

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