Thursday, February 3, 2011

Change Your Life…Now!

Welcome to a new editorial series called: Change Your Life…Now!

This editorial series is written to help, inspire, guide and motivate everyone from all walks of life to face their challenges, identify barriers, discover miracles and find their true happiness while continuing their quest for emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Author & Clairvoyant, Therese Benedict, invites you to share your personal stories, provide insight from past or present experiences and most importantly engage with those who are struggling with everyday life situations. Topics range from: loneliness, heartache, depression, lack of hope, longing for love, battling addictions, abuse, domestic violence and/or other life-challenging situations that can take away from one’s happiness and well-being.

Get ready for a spiritually uplifting and inspirational journey as Author & Clairvoyant, Therese Benedict, helps you and others heal from your past and love who you are while showing you the steps to take to finding true happiness.

Query & Answer Forum:

“I am thrice divorced all bad cheating women, I struggle with loneliness and I am a single father with custody of my twin 7 year old sons. I have symptoms of depression. I am fearful of finding a new wife or girlfriend and having the same thing happen again. Almost every girlfriend I have had has cheated.”

Terry S. Lexington, Kentucky



When it comes to being with people who have cheated on you, they have made a very selfish decision to scare your heart for life. In addition, you carry pain, hurt, anger, self doubt and fear until you decide to heal from this pain you do not wish to carry. What you need to do is focus on you and your sons without the mind set of trying to find a relationship. Take a break from relationships and give yourself the attention you need to heal as much as you can. You do this by building your self esteem and learning that you are important and that it was not you who have made others do such a wrong action against someone. People who cheat only think of themselves and they commit these acts without having to carry the emotional pain that they are so willing to give. So understand even with these occurrences in your life, be happy that they are not in your life.

You want someone that you can love, that you can trust that they will love you the same without selfish acts of destruction. You need to come to the realization that you can be happy without a relationship. Love you and your sons the way you wish someone would love you. Build yourself up, replenish your confidence and start working on you and your family’s needs.

When you take several months with focus on your life, you find you again. When you are ready for a true relationship, you will feel that you are ready to take those steps without fear. You need to trust that God and his angels will bring you a better person in your life and when they do…take the time to get to know them before making a commitment. Learn of their past, morals, values and life experiences. Communicate with them so you may see deeper meanings of a person before any serious decisions are made regarding a relationship. By doing this you will feel safer before you give your heart once more.

Stay strong and be positive!


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