Thursday, February 3, 2011

Change Your Life...Now!

Welcome to a new editorial series called: Change Your Life…Now!

This editorial series is written to help, inspire, guide and motivate everyone from all walks of life to face their challenges, identify barriers, discover miracles and find their true happiness while continuing their quest for emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Author & Clairvoyant, Therese Benedict, invites you to share your personal stories, provide insight from past or present experiences and most importantly engage with those who are struggling with everyday life situations. Topics range from: loneliness, heartache, depression, lack of hope, longing for love, battling addictions, abuse, domestic violence and/or other life-challenging situations that can take away from one’s happiness and well-being.

Get ready for a spiritually uplifting and inspirational journey as Author & Clairvoyant, Therese Benedict, helps you and others heal from your past and love who you are while showing you the steps to take to finding true happiness.

Query & Answer Forum:

"Lets see it started last year. I lost my job, then I got sick, then my niece died, then I got sick, then I filed bankruptcy and lost my car, then my best friend betrayed me, and last but not least my boyfriend of 7 years broke up with me on Saturday. So if anyone needs a change right now it’s me. I would love help in changing how I feel right now."

- Aimee B. Atlanta, GA



First I would like to say that I am sorry for your loss with your niece’s passing. Now, you need to remember that because she has past, does not me that she is not here anymore. She is a person of creativity and spunk and she is happy where she is right now. She shows you signs that she is with you so keep a good look out for them and do not put them aside with thinking that it is your imagination. You can speak to her and know that she can hear you and she can reply to you with messages and signs.

With your job…you need to know that the door to your job has closed because it was time for a new door to open in your life. When it is time for something to change in your life and you need to go in a new direction…situations that seem to be hard actually are a blessing…it is just hard to see at that moment.

With your illness, it is because you are stressed and do not know how to handle hardships very well. If you look at the sequence of what you have written it shows you that you are getting sick in emotional moments. You lost your job and you got sick. You have the loss your niece and you got sick. Learn to be stronger in situations and understand that these situations are occurring because it is time for them to arise.

With regards to your best friend betraying you, it was for you to see that your friend was not the friend you thought you had. To open your eyes to see that your friend was not the person you should be having in your life…for many reasons as you should know. When you are not around good people and you are not being true to yourself and not seeing your actions hardships do come into play. So focus on you, what you are doing in your life, and be around more positive people.

As to your boyfriend breaking up with you…look at it as a positive situation. Did you ever think that you have someone better getting ready to walk into your life and with you being with someone who does not appreciate you can take that opportunity away? So again, it can be a good thing and in your case with your relationship, it was.

Read your second to last sentence. “So if anyone needs a change right now it’s me.” Now look at everything you have written….do you not see that you are getting your change. So you see Aimee, it is not as bad as you are feeling with these awful emotions that are stirring inside of you. Look at your life and see what you need to change within you and your life. Work on you and watch the rest fall into place.

Try and find the reasons and the positive in your hardships. Look at yourself and be honest. Be willing to be strong and correct issues that need to be corrected. Know that you have the power to accomplish this and be happy.

You can do it!


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